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What to expect

Where can I park?

We have our own car park around the back of the church building. There is a one-way system in operation which helps to keep access as safe as possible. The turning into the car park is just after the church building (on the right). You may use any available spaces. There are a couple of marked spaces reserved for those that need to park close to the door. If for any reason the car park is full, you are welcome to park on the grass, or on the road to the front of the church.

What time is the Sunday morning service?

Our main Sunday morning services start at 10:30am and we aim to finish at 12:00pm. Our Sunday Lite services (1st Sunday in a month) are a little shorter, finishing at 11:30am.

What will happen when I arrive?

Upon arrival you will be greeted by a member of our Welcome team. They will be happy to introduce you to some of our members, and answer any questions you may have. Before the service people generally chat in the lobby area, but you are welcome to go straight through to the main hall if you prefer. A bell will be sounded just before 10:30am to indicate the service is about to begin.

Is there a dress code?

No, come in whatever you feel comfortable in.

Where should I sit?

None of our seats are reserved, so you are welcome to sit wherever you feel most comfortable.

Are there any Bibles available for use during the service?

Yes, on each of our window sills there are spare Bibles for use. These are NIV translations (New International Version) which is the most popular translation used at Wessex.

Will there be Communion?

We have Communion every Sunday morning (with the exception of Sunday Lite services) which you are welcome to participate in. We serve bread and non-alcoholic fruit juice in individual cups. This is either passed around and served at seats, or the congregation may be invited to come up to take communion.

What type of songs do you sing?

A band will lead us in sung worship, and will play a mixture of old and new songs. The words of the songs will be put up on a screen at the front of church.

Do you have any disabled facilities?

We have a couple of disabled parking spaces in the car park, and a ramp for wheelchair access. There is also a disabled toilet through the lobby area.

Are there baby changing facilities?

Yes, a fold-down changing mat can be located in the disabled toilet through the lobby area.

Are there any classes for my children?

Children's church caters for all children between the ages of 3 and 10 and takes place during the sermon in our main Sunday morning services. At the appropriate time, children will be invited to their groups (age specific), and will be able to follow their leader out.

We also have youth group for young people between the ages of 11 and 14. This takes place through a door at the front of the church building.

During the service we also provide creche facilities in the foyer.
If you would like to know more about these groups either contact us or ask a member of the Welcome Team.

Do you take a Collection?

As a visitor you are, of course, not expected to give anything.
At Wessex we believe in providing a non-pressured environment for giving. However, should you wish to give, the giving table can be found at the back of the church hall. Here you will also find gift aid envelopes and details of our monthly focus for giving.

What happens after the service?

Free refreshments are served after every service. We would love for you to stay and have a chat with us.
After the service you will also be able to receive prayer should you wish to do so. Please make your way over to the Prayer Ministry corner (front right of church) where there will be several members of Wessex who would love to pray with you.

Sunday Evenings

Sunday evening services vary from worship with preaching to special events from time to time. Please check the latest newsletter (PDF) for details as we do not always meet on a Sunday evening.